in Colorado

Video Equipment

HDR-FX1 Sony Camera

HDR-HC3 Sony Camera

CamRade DS-HDR Z1 Desertsuit for the HDR-FX1

Sony SPK-HCD Waterproof Housing for Sony Handycam

System Pro Background Stand Kit Holds a 10’ X 20’ Backdrop

Interfit 42” Five in One Reflector with Stand

CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC

Lastolite Professional EzyBalance Grey/White card 20"

Lastolite Gold/Silver 10"

Manfrotto 420B Stand Boom

Two Backgrounds 10’ X 20’White and Green

Sony MDR-7502 headphones

Zoom H2 Portable Recorder

Audio Technica Shotgun Microphone

Sony VCT-870RM Tripod

Sunpak Platinum plus mono pod

Two Bogen Imaging Variety Pack Filters

Heavy Frost

White Diffusion

Hampton Frost

Full C. T. Blue

Full C. T. Orange



Primary Red

Primary Green

Congo Blue

Pale Lavender

Bastard Amber

Two Studio System UmbrellasWhite/Silver

Three Fog Machines

Nite Rider Moab Light

Sima SL-20LX universal LED On Camera light

and Homebrew Lighting

Dell Studio 1555 Laptop

Adobe Master CS3

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